I dreamed last night that I went to church, to my geographic ward. They just got a new bishop, a nice man who’s very risk-averse. At least that’s my read of him. The hymnbooks were new and there were new songs in them, and we tried singing one of the new hymns for the opening song. It didn’t go very well, partly because the hymn started with a rest and people couldn’t figure out where the downbeat was, and partly because the bishop, the music director, and the chorister were all trying to conduct at the same time. It didn’t work well.

Normally I try hard to forget my dreams as soon as I wake up; I’ve found it helps my mood. But this dream managed to drop anchor before I had the presence to cast it off; and while dreams are empty and meaningless, I found the imagery interesting enough that I thought I’d post it here and let you all pick at it.

2 thoughts on “Dreams DON’T MEAN ANYTHING!!!

  1. Um… it has to do with your desires for change in the church but the conflicting views out there over how the church is to be run causes cacophonous catastrophe.

    Oh and throw in something about your mother. Also sex.

  2. It probably means nobody knows what the hell they're doing. I think it was spot on.

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