Oh, how I hate December.

I worked overtime this month, so I haven’t posted.

Tron: Legacy is awesome. Garrett Hedlund is ridiculously good looking. The soundtrack is excellent, except it should (IMO) consist of fewer, longer and more coherent tracks. It’s also got me thinking about my sci-fi fantasy world that I haven’t mentioned to anyone. It’s been over 11 years since The Matrix came out, and it’s time for another movie to do the same thing to people: make them question the reality that’s been handed to them.

(four hyphens)

I observed today that my anger / resentment / blame of the LDS church and its members, along with the whole of Christianity and all organised religion and all expressions of faith, seems to be closely related and/or connected to my sadness / depression / frustration / loneliness at being continually single.

Tonight I took some steps, made some requests, asked to meet some people. I discovered that I file people into three categories: More attractive than me, Less attractive than me, and Female; and that I don’t approach any of them for their own reasons. For those more attractive, I think the answer will be no, so I don’t bother; for those less, why would I anyway? And for females, well, don’t worry about it, they’ll be knocking down my door soon enough anyway.

Seriously. I love my women. But can I please have some more male friends? Preferably ones around my age, preferably gay, preferably attractive, single, and into me?

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