Games People Play

“Games People Play” on Wikipedia

I’m currently reading this, as part ongoing research for the project on the wiki. Thoughts:

  • It’s an infuriating read; it’s like slightly-edited stream of consciousness.
  • It’s also a very incomplete view of humanity, in my opinion; I suspect this is a common problem among pop-psychology fads. More research is needed.
  • It’s also going to be very useful. It provides really, really good insights that the work I’ve done so far has left completely blank.

The front page of the wiki also mentions that the lack of a narrative in the project has been a problem. I’ve been addressing this quite a bit and have made significant improvements. Mainly, the Frequently Asked Questions section does a pretty good job explaining it to people. However, it has not as yet produced the desired result, which is getting people excited about contributing.

More information about this is forthcoming. I have to finish reading the book first though.

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