Well, here goes everything.

Who I am is the possibility of a world that works for everyone. My promise is to build one. I want you to help me. I love what transformational programs do and what they make available. I don’t like that they’re proprietary (someone’s intellectual property) and I don’t like that they have to cost money.

On the other hand, you can study philosophy and get what you get. This takes a long time and doesn’t produce nearly the results, nearly as quickly, or nearly as accessibly.

If you are now, or ever have been, a life, business, or personal coach, a leader, an organizer, or a motivational speaker; if you have found or invented things for your own life that help you be who you want to be; if you want to build a life that works for you and a world that works for everyone, I request your participation. I have three requests.

First: I request that you assemble everything you have found and/or created, that you can legally give away, and release it under the Creative Commons 3.0 share-alike attribution license. YOU CAN STILL USE IT TO MAKE MONEY!!! I deliberately chose a commercial use license because coaching businesses are a proven way of making transformation happen for a lot of people.

Second: I request that you participate in the programs (I expect there will be many) that get created. Stop being individual life coaches, or small groups. Draw a circle that includes everyone.

Third: I request that you take on the possibility of building a world that works for everyone, straight on, directly. Somewhere in the late ’80’s, Werner Erhard & Associates lost track of this vision, and I want to light it up.

I have spoken with some of you about this already, or alluded to it in comments. Now is the time. Read what is already there. Share everything you possibly can. Take everything you can possibly use. This is not a zero-sum game! If you take from me, we both have!

Thank you very much for considering my requests. I am honored to be part of this community and look forward with great delight to creating whatever we end up creating.

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