According to Kurzgesagt, expressing gratitude is a way of counteracting or preventing dissatisfaction. Ongoing dissatisfaction probably contributes to mental illness (like, the associative property of multiplication is also probably a thing) so here come the gratitude posts. I hope I can get good at this.

Today I am grateful for git. I fished out some code I wrote some time between 2007 and 2012, and the only version I have is from the last time I hit “save”. Luckily, the code is in decent shape. I’ve sadly lost (destroyed) other projects by making changes and not having a history to fall back on.

Now it’s in git. It’s still only in one place, currently, but that’s not too hard to fix. Now that I know that I don’t need a sixteen-ton web app to use git and still keep things under my own control (eat my ass, Cloud) it’s obvious that the logical course of action is to just… have a remote that gets backed up, and ignore Github. If someone wants to collaborate and they’re going to use git, suck it up and trade SSH public keys. Do it right.

I’m grateful that, at least right now, I am sick of Overwatch. There are no videogames holding my attention. I’ve turned off my Facebook feed because I’m so sick of what goes on there. It’s an odd thing to be glad for an aspect of anhedonia–I don’t enjoy any of those things right now–but today I am at least reading computer code.

A little while ago I downloaded the latest Factorio. They changed the recipe for rocket fuel. The game is now dead to me. What a relief.

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