The Only War Worth Fighting

English is so full of violence. It’s a fight, a struggle, a war, to verb. Any value of “verb” will do. People fighting and dying, or going to verb or die trying. The language is almost as full of violent sayings as it is phrases taken from the Bible. Go a day and count how many times you say something that came from the Bible, and realize that no matter how much you don’t believe, you can’t avoid quoting scripture. Or talking about some kind of violence.

Here in the United States, we’ve had wars on terrorism and drugs and poverty and science and education, on top of all the military conflicts. (so, so many military conflicts. It’s like war is the only thing we even try to do.)

The only war that includes violence and is worth fighting is between two species that exist in different dimensions*. Biological creatures on one side, memetic creatures on the other. It is absolutely ethical and justified to kill a meme. I’d go so far as to say it’s our duty, when we find a hostile meme, to gang up on it, torture it to death, and display its corpse in the public square.

One of the most dangerous of the memes–the Hitler of memes, if you will–is the idea that by killing the right people, we can somehow make the world a better place. It’s diabolical. It keeps humans fighting each other and ignoring the creatures who are actively hurting us.

If only they would see… we actually do need to go to war, but not with people, not with nations. We don’t need to commit genocide, we need to commit memocide.

(* I mean “dimensions” in the popular, non-scientific sense; I mean it as a different place, or even a different kind of place, built on a different set of substrates than constitutes our Universe.)

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