Understanding Apache and PHP-FPM

There are a number of guides out there on how someone has gotten their web server to work with PHP-FPM. Most of them are Nginx, but a few are Apache. While these articles will happily show you their configuration files, I haven’t found any that actually give formulas for the configuration files and why they have to be set up the way they are. The configuration for Apache’s handlers, actions, aliases, scriptaliases (if you use them), and mod_fastcgi are complicated and very much unclear. I imagine that the authors of these helpful blog posts were so happy to be done getting their configurations working that they set the files read-only and immutable, copied and pasted into their blogs, and filed it away next to the times they wrote xorg.conf and zone files from scratch.

Indeed, that’s how I wanted it to be for me. Life has other plans. Continue reading

Page Speed Tests on the new server

The wiki:


The blog:


I don’t know how to get rid of that last 304 status code on the blog. (Any suggestions are appreciated!) The Page Speed stuff outlines more things that can be done; I’ll get to them later, as they will involve editing my WordPress theme directly, and that’s kinda on the edge of my expertise. Continue reading