Mediawiki is FIRED.

I did an apt-get upgrade on my server last week which went off without complaining, but when I went to access the wiki again, it showed the setup screen, as if it had just been installed. “OK, no problem,” I thought, I’ll just run through the installation again, and since the database hasn’t been changed, it will just start working again. No dice. It now complains that LocalSettings.php needs to be moved from the config/ directory–a directory which doesn’t exist–into the wiki root–which is where it is. Correct permissions. I’m not running SElinux.

The people in #mediawiki were most helpful, invoking a chatbot to tell me I should install the latest version from a tarball, rather than using Ubuntu’s built-in version, and they’d be happy to assist me once I’d done that.


So much of my writings are currently inaccessible, and I don’t have my usual place to put things I’ve written, so I’ve got a bit of mental constipation going on right now.

What’s some good wiki software I can switch to? Ideally, it would have proper, per-page permissions using ACLs, and use flat files instead of MySQL for storing everything. I don’t care about WYSIWYG or skinning.

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