DokuWiki is the new wiki software.

The MediaWiki is restored to its proper location at, but this is temporary: I am moving all content from there to a new wiki, which is not currently world-accessible, powered by DokuWiki instead of MediaWiki.

I like DokuWiki’s syntax a LOT better, though it does take some getting used to. It uses flat files instead of a database, which is less efficient, but much easier for me to manage.

In case you’re wondering, what broke on MediaWiki with the upgrade was the way LocalSettings.php was handled. It’s always used symbolic links, but it was possible to just put it in /var/www/wiki and have things work. With the update, that’s not allowed anymore, and /etc/mediawiki/LocalSettings.php ended up becoming a symbolic link to itself. Guess how well that worked?

Frankly, I’m surprised the file system allows such a thing. Maybe I should tell someone…

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