Have, do, be.

The point bears repeating: the only way to produce results in life is with action. If you want something, you must take action consistent with getting that thing in order to have it.


But doing is hard–I should speak for myself here. I have a very difficult time motivating myself to do the things that will produce the results I want. So what’s missing?

According to Landmark Education, the answer is “being.” That is, (at the risk of getting into some proprietary jargon,) who you are being is what leads to the actions you take.

BE => DO => HAVE

Perhaps the largest thrust of their introductory course, The Landmark Forum, is the invention of new possibilities, or new ways of beingOne “invents a new possibility,” which is a “way of being,” and that new possibility opens avenues for action that they didn’t take, or maybe even didn’t see before. However, there are lots of things that can get in the way of the invention of new possibilities. My experience with the Landmark Forum was that most of our time was spent learning how to get those things out of the way, so that new possibilities could exist.

Landmark Education has been around since 1991, but its direct ancestry goes back to 1971. Some truly brilliant minds have invested hundreds of (wo)man-years developing these techniques and creating new techniques in order to more effectively “clear” people so their work is more fruitful.

I’ve struggled since my first participation to explain what the Landmark Forum is about. While this is a fairly dry description, I think it does explain it: The Landmark Forum causes you (with your consent, of course) to do what is necessary to invent new ways of being for yourself, which will call you into actions, which will produce results in your life. What it’s about is you having the things you want, and getting them in a way that actually works.

(While other posts on this blog in the “Transformation” category will generally try to cause beneficial changes for the readers, this post is simply an explanation. I hope it does give you something to think about, and who knows, maybe you will use it to make positive change in your life.)

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