Jargon, sigh.

I don’t like using the word ‘consequences.’ It connotes something negative. I’d much rather say ‘results,’ which has a positive connotation. They are both equally likely to connote the wrong thing. I’d just rather give an unnecessarily positive spin than an unnecessarily negative one. I believe it will be more likely to… produce the result I’m after.

Jargon at dictionary.com. I’m referring to meanings 1 and 5 when I say jargon.

The wiki is really disgustingly full of jargon. I developed this bad, wicket, naughty, nasty, awful habit of taking words that already have definitions, and then putting new definitions to them, and then using them as if they meant to everyone what they meant to me. That doesn’t work!

I even wrote about this, a long time ago, on the Zion page, in passing. The creation of jargon (I use the term ‘insider lingo’) is a subtle form of isolation, and a tempting shortcut to build your own little utopia without having to include everyone.

Unfortunately, I’ve spent enough time marinading in jargon that it’s difficult for me to figure out how to say what I mean using normal-people words. I’m still going to, it’s just harder than I expected. It’s annoying.

Forgnot has agreed to help me with this, which makes me very glad. This content has needed someone with an outside perspective to ruthlessly red-pen it.

I know that no one is reading this except for spam robots, but in case I’m wrong, please do feel free to send suggestions my way about how I can re-integrate what I’m doing with the actual English language.

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