The Thing I’m Starting

What can I say about it? Well, it’s not a church.

But I started by calling it at church a few months ago.

I had the idea of transforming what it means for a church to be a church, all the way down to nothing, and starting over from scratch. I wondered what would arise in the clearing created by completely dismantling the idea of church.

I’ve been accumulating and organizing ideas for a few months about how it could work and why it would be better for people than whatever else is out there, and decided this morning that it’s time to start getting people together on it. I have probably an hour’s worth of material to present, maybe a little less, and once that’s done I’ll ask for people’s questions and ideas.

In a nutshell:
– A complete revamp of the concept of repentance, recovery, transformation or whatever else it’s known as
– People having a social gathering that makes a difference for them–leaves them better than when they came–better meaning that they are more the way they choose to be
– Participating in polyphonic music as an access to building a society of people who are of service to each other

And other exciting ideas.

My place. Sunday. 10:30 AM. Be my guest.

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